Sunday, October 2, 2016

It Rained Outsider Poetry In Every Town But Padukah

Both of my parents had to work when I was a small child because of Republican economics, and I spent a lot of time with my grandma listening to country music. Rock and roll was not allowed in her house. Even the racier outlaw country was frowned upon, but no one could keep Johnny Cash from being played even if he did say hell and shot on Live From Folsom Prison.

What was allowed was Tom T Hall. Not only allowed, but encouraged, and since he had recorded an album for children I heard it hundreds of time. He became one of my favorite songwriters.

My de facto father-in-law recently gave me a stack of his old LP records with Live From Folsom Prison and a few Tom T Hall records, one which contains the song "It Rained In Every Town But Padukah." Then it rained in Padukah, too.

As I sit here eating pretzels and drinking a Perrier and wait for the family to get home from a late season amusement park visit, I'd kind of like to put that record on right now, but I'm too lazy.

I'm kind of uptight because I have a very close fantasy football match that will be decided tonight and tomorrow. Not sure what happened to the Tampa Bay and Dencer game. I guess it rained there, too.

Are there really only two entries in the Outsider Poets of Padukah blog. I feel certain I had written more, but I can't remember. I've never had a blog deleted, so I have to assume I have only written in this blog three times.

Four now. I need Marcus Peter and Harrison Smith to score ten points on defense, which is less than they have averaged the first three weeks, to win.

I already did cardio and yoga today, and paid the bills for October, so I have the luxury of sitting here in the dark tapping away at this nonsense and watching The Monster Club on You Tube. 

Pretzels and Perrier are a good combination. 

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