Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fantasy Football Outsider Poetry Draft

The Paducah Plain Speakers outsider poetry slam team recently held their annual fantasy football draft at the Regency Hilton, and there were a few surprises. 

Teddy Roosevalt was once again drafted, for the seventeenth straight season, but hasn't suited up once.

Crystal McCracken drafted an unusual team, with six kickers in the starting lineup. All in all over twenty poets were drafted at the quarterback position. None are starters in the NFL.

The Regency was a wonderful hotel with an all you can eat breakfast of toasts and powdered eggs and grapes and stuff. There was cable in the room and I watched a few re-runs of Mr. Ed om MeTV before bed. I got a little worked up because I was excited about my team, and was happy to get Antonio Brown in the sixth round when no one else seemed to know who he was. Here's my team...

QB Cam Newton
QB Aaron Rodgers
QB Tom Brady
RB David Johnson
RB Lamar Miller
RB Ezekial Elliot
RB laveon Bell
WR Antonio Brown
WR Julio Jones
WR Deandre Hopkins
WR Odell Bechkam Jr.
TE Rob Gronkowski
TE Jordan Reed
K Lyndon Larouche

I feel like a made a mistake overlooking Sylvia Plath and Denise Levertov in the middle rounds, but it's hard to pass up Julio Jones in the 7th round.

I guess we'll find out Sunday how I did. 

I have to go to a garage sale on the block now.